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How to use your proxies recommends to read this part because it's very important after making your first payment.

In this document you learn how to use your proxies and most important behavior of your proxies. recommends you to use Proxifier Software recommends you to use Mozilla Firefox Proxy Toggle Plugin that is very simple to use!
To learn more about using your proxies in your socks software (eg. Proxifier) please click here
To read more about proxy behaviour, read below:

    This first section will explain how a our credit system works:
    • Each client will buy a subscription plan with an amount of credits and an expiration date
    • When a proxy is chosen, each used credit will be bound to the chosen proxy
    • A unique session id is formed as a result of binding the proxy and the one credit used
    • A session lasts 24 hours, a proxy may last 15 minutes or maybe without any guarantee up to 24 hours, also it is very possible that a proxy might go offline and then after a while might go online during the same session for unlimited number of times for as long as the session is still availble (24 hours)
    • After 24 hours the session ends and a user might chose to use another proxy or the same proxy again for a 24 hour session obtained from one credit. Alternatively there is no limit of how many credits can be used at a time. So a client could buy as many proxy sessions as they want.

    About proxy idle(traffic saving mode) behavior:
      When you click on HostName field in your Proxy List or Proxy Browse you will be able to get your selected Proxy Info and enter it into your socks software. When you first click on "Click here to get this proxy", our servers automatically creates a proxy ID for you to authenticate with your desired proxy server. After that you can do your work, but if your connections to socks server are non-persistent then your session(proxy ID) will enter in a idle mode after 2 minutes of inactivity for some of the proxies. This means that our servers automatically enters in a traffic saving mode.
      To reactivate your proxy you have two options:
      • You can simply load a page in your socksified browser and wait about 7-12 seconds until your page opens, then you can reuse your proxy.
      • You can go on My Proxy List and click on HostName field of a proxy you want to wake up from idle mode and click on WakeUp link (if available) near your Proxy Info and wait about 7-12 seconds, WakeUp link will disappear, then you can reuse your proxy.

This is all you need to know, if you have questions regarding this subject please Contact us.